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    It turns out that my story can only be put with blog posts. To know more, contact me on my talk page.


    Scourge the Dark Claw 22:04, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

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    “Shadows Lengthen”


    The hooded figure crossed the cobblestone street, another hooded figure right behind him.

    “Come,” rasped the one in the lead. “We must rest for tomorrow. Tomorrow is when we carry out our master plan.”

    “Yes, master,” the other one replied. She was not used to this big town, as she came from a realm many miles from the town known as the Realm of the Moon. The hooded figure in the lead came from a mysterious and little-explored realm known as the Burning Realm. Only a few creatures were known to have come from there.

    The inn came into sight. It had an old, worn out sign hanging from a balcony. There was suddenly a flash of lightning and rain began to pour down. Not long after, both of the hooded figure’s cloaks were s…

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