Rogue's true form

The Rogue's true form.

The Rogue

The Rogue wearing her cloak. She takes after the Anti-Hero, who trained her before he attempted to kill her. She only wears this while on missions with ZACH and Heart.

The Rogue is an old ally of the Anti-Hero. She is the only known ally of his to have survived his betrayl, and even left him with a permanent scar across one side of his face. She joins Heart and ZACH on their quest to defeat him in The Anti-Hero. She is a formidable opponent in battle, and was actually trained by the Anti-Hero, which he regrets more than anything. She has a crush on Jason, but she doesn't want to admit it and says that he is the one that has the crush on her. She has an older sister named Valkryie. The Rogue is able to control the element of Ice, which is common among white wolves.

Shadows LengthenEdit

In the prologue, the Rogue and the Anti-Hero are seen walking into an inn and renting a room. They are planning an assassination on the mayor of the town. That night, the Anti-Hero almost kills the Rogue, but she is a match for him and evades his own assassination attempt on her, leaving a scar across the side of his face. She jumps out of the window and lands on the street below, and only watches as the inn is blown into bits by the Anti-Hero. She turns and walks away, but she knows one thing for sure: the Anti-Hero is not dead.