The Cliffs of the Moon. The wolf seen howling on the cliff is Leeyana.

The Cliffs of the Moon are the gathering place for those that live in the Realm of the Moon. It is where they practice their religion and where they hold the yearly Sacrifice, a time when a wolf is chosen to give his/her life to "save the realm from destruction". This is looked down upon by the king and queen of the realm, but they do not want to lose the trust of their entire realm, because they know that if the realm turns on them, then there will be a siege and they and their daughters will die. One of the wolves known to have been in the Sacrifice and survive was the Rogue herself, who was saved by the Anti-Hero, who threatened to destroy the realm if she did not come with him. The Cliffs still remain a large part of symbolism and of the religion in the Realm of the Moon. The Cliffs are also known to be a good place to see the entire Moonlight River.