The StoryEdit

When young Heart, a pony with pink hair, meets ZACH, a blue dragon, they set out on a journey of immessurable proportions to stop the evil Anti-Hero, a phoenix who believes his destiny is to destroy the world. Along the way, ZACH and Heart meet some valuable allies, such as the Rogue, a white she-wolf who wants revenge on the Anti-Hero, whom she was trained by (which is what the Anti-Hero regrets the most), and also whom tried to kill her while they were once allies, Jason, a white tiger who is very loyal to Heart and ZACH, and the Auracle, a blue dragoness surrounded by a light blue Aura and has the ability to see parts of the future. Now they must begin the quest that could mean saving the world from an apocalypse that has the power to destroy the entire world. Will ZACH and Heart succeed, or will they lose their homes to the darkness?

Me and zachy packy

What me and Zach would look like based on our avi.

Chapter I: Shadows Lengthen Edit

"Shadows Lengthen" is the first story in the "Shadows Lengthen Saga". It follows ZACH and Heart as they venture through the realms to defeat the evil Anti-Hero and his dark army. Other characters include the Rogue, who is mostly seen in shadow in most of the story.

Chapter II: The Anti-Hero Edit

"The Anti-Hero" is the second story of "The Shadows Lengthen Saga". This story reveals much of the Anti-Hero's past. New characters include the Auracle. The Rogue makes her first important appearance in this story, while she was mostly a character just seen in the prologue and in shadow for the rest of the first story. New realms include the Realm of the Moon and the Realm of Ice.

Chapter III: Dark SecretsEdit

Chapter IV: SacrificeEdit

Chapter V: RequiemEdit

Chapter VI: ReturnEdit

Chapter VII: Beginning of the EndEdit

Chapter VIII: Last StandEdit

Chapter IX: Everything on FireEdit

Chapter X: The Calm Before the Storm (or Unlikely Ally)Edit

Chapter XI: The Storm BreaksEdit

Chapter XII: Safe And SoundEdit

Chapter XIII: SalvationEdit